Hiding blocked users from Twitter Search

Anyone that’s reading my blog has probably heard of Good Game AutoBlocker, the thing I wrote for blocking GamerGaters on Twitter. (My personal block list is more complete and also available, but be warned that it includes people that aren’t associated with GamerGate.) It’s a pretty simple bit of code, but it made using social media significantly better for many, many people.…

FreeBSD Update: Fallout.

My post about leaving the FreeBSD community has now been viewed significantly more than when I posted about being SWATed. While I expected people to take notice, that surprised me. There’s been a lot of feedback, and I’ve been watching all of it. It’s gone about as well as I guessed it would.

IBM. You can do better.

Yesterday, IBM joined the ranks of tech companies blundering into the issue of the gender imbalance in STEM with a terribly sexist gaffe. The tweet has now been deleted, but the gist was “Hey, ladies. Want to be an engineer? Why not tell us how you can hack a hair dryer?” I’m not going to get too deeply into why this…

Teardown: GoFundMe

This is the type of post I’ve been avoiding writing. I’ve been worried that if I start pointing out problems, people will exploit them. Well, it’s already happening. It’s time that we start talking about how to write better terms of services.

Today, we’re going to focus on GoFundMe.